Storytelling through and through...

My passion for storytelling comes from the genres of comics and science fiction that I grew up consuming every day. When building boards to tease a new TV show or movie, it's like playing with the latest action figure that just came out. I see no better way to keep my imagination and creativity sharp.

I also deeply love animation. Whether it's for TV, features or video games, the intricate and diverse narratives I can explore without the limitations of reality are so much fun.  Limitless possibilities make for limitless creativity.

 Currently working as a freelance artist, I have specialized in storyboarding for all mediums of entertainment.

- Film - Television - Commercial - Advertising - Gaming - Illustration - VR - Live Events - Comics -

I am available to work with clients remotely from my home studio in Las Vegas, NV. I look forward to sharing my art with your vision.